BEGRIME EXEMIOUS 'Rotting In The Aftermath' album release with MESSIAHLATOR & FEEDING

The Starlite Room - Temple
10030 – 102 Street, Edmonton, AB
27 August 2022
9:00 pm MDT
Edmonton death metal veterans BEGRIME EXEMIOUS have unleashed their 4th full length, "Rotting in the Aftermath," on Dark Descent Records this summer. Clocking in at 37 minutes, these 9 tracks are a furious display of apocalyptic devastation. Following the release of "The Enslavement Conquest" in 2016, the band started writing for its follow-up over the next couple years, and performed these songs relentlessly on the road in US/Canada. After some false starts and abandoned recording sessions, "Rotting in the Aftermath" was recorded in 2019, and finally sees the light of day in 2022. As with all the band's previous albums, Colorado based label Dark Descent Records put it out, and has given it the full treatment on CD, LP, and cassette. The LP version comes in both black and purple/gold vinyl editions, and a large 12"x12" booklet. Submit yourself to the caustic fury of "Rotting in the Aftermath,"

A long time staple of the Edmonton scene, the power trio of MESSIAHLATOR has been crushing heads with their buzzsaw death metal riffs and explosive punk rhythms for many years. This show marks their one and only exclusive appearance for 2022.
Edmonton's FEEDING have been carving out their own niche sound over the years with 4 different EP/demo releases, and found themselves in a whirlwind of death metal by their second release. Coming into 2022, FEEDING have tuned their guitars even lower and dive straight into the bowels of hell.